The Ideal Solution Starts Here

Our Group

Ideal Corp consists of the companies, Ideal Foundations and Ideal Geotech. Both are ISO9001:2008 accredited market leaders in their respective sectors. Ideal Foundations supplies and installs screw piles to the commercial and domestic building sector, providing in many cases a fixed cost screw piling solution. Ideal Geotech conducts lot classifications, environmental and field testing for builders, engineers and civil contractors. Ideal Geotech is backed by our NATA accredited testing laboratory. Both businesses are active in NSW, ACT and Queensland.


Our engineer Rafeletos Zanuttini recommended Ideal Foundations for two Housing NSW projects, one with 16 units and villas and the other an 11-unit residential development. Both sites consisted of highly reactive ‘H’ soil and were also classified as problem ‘P’ type. Ideal Foundations tested the soil before starting the project, calculated the depths each pier needed to be to reach stable soil, and provided a lump sum package before starting contract works on site. Our calculations showed on these sites that the deeper the piers, the cheaper the screw pile alternative becomes. Ideal Foundations made a big difference as the works were completed in a prompt, clean and safe manner. There was minimal spoil to remove from site following the installation of the screw piers. Ideal Foundations also guaranteed the work and provided the appropriate certification. What more could a builder want?

John Bris

One of the cornerstones of our success is our ability to offer “true fixed price” homes. Typically, the foundations are the biggest unknown and therefore the most likely area for cost overrun. It’s essential to get the pier design right before construction begins. Ideal Foundations provide a fixed, guaranteed cost, which makes our job a lot easier. We use their screw piers on around 70% of our homes. They are ideal on difficult sites near the coast or on filled sites.

Tony Buchanan

The deciding factor for us was the fixed-price quote. At first we were a bit nervous about the new technology but Ideal Foundations talked us through it and put our minds at ease. Their customer service is second to none. They carried out a geotech survey and designed the best system for us. We have very reactive soil and the uniform support provided by the screw piers prevents differential settling, which could have been a problem down the track with a conventional slab.

Kerry & Vicky Knott

On sites where concrete piers can’t be used, Ideal Foundations are up there with the best as an alternative foundation. Ideal Foundations carry out a geotech survey, classifies the soil, designs the pier placement and organizes the installation, all at a fixed price. In sandy soils, where concrete piers have to be drilled, sleeved and filled, you might have 180 lineal metres of piers with 450mm diameters – that’s a lot of extra soil to be transported off site. Screw piers make it quick, clean and easy.

Joe Camilleri

We use Ideal Foundations on difficult sites, particularly those with sandy soils. We know the cost beforehand so we can provide a fixed price. We also know that every pier has the same loading, whereas with conventional piers you are never 100% sure. At pier depths greater than about 1.5 metres the screw piers are more economical than concrete, and you don’t have a lot of excess spoil to remove from the site.

Ian Paton

When our clients request screw piers, we specify Ideal Foundations. They have a larger capacity than other standard screw piles and provide good dimensional accuracy in placement. Ideal Foundations is also a reliable company with a fast response time. I believe screw piers should be used more widely, not just on difficult sites.

Arthur McCarthy